Everyday Wines


    Ruvido - Rosso 2020 ( Montepulciano) 

    Everyday red,uncommonly fresh wine for Montepulciano, but yet with some good body. Fine tannins are paired with notes of small wild berries and black cherry. Wonderful with meat or rich pasta dishes.


    Canlibero - Turrumpiso 2020 ( Aglianico )

    50 years old vines for an authentic and territorial Aglianico. Expect a mix of wild fruits and herbs, with a long and spicy finish.


    Ruvido - Bianco 2020 ( Trebbiano 80%- Malvasia 20 %)

    Easy drinking Trebbiano blended with a touch of Malvasia to add aromatics . At only 10.5 % abv this white is dry and zesty with a pleasant salty finish.  Ideal with fish. 



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